Gail Olszewski has had extensive collaborative experience, playing various keyboard instruments for singers, instrumentalists, large and small ensembles. She has a doctorate in coaching and accompanying from the University of Minnesota, working with Margo Garrett and Karl Paulnack. Gail has also participated in SongFest (Irvine, CA), Baroque Performance Institute (Oberlin, OH), the Early Music Programme (Vancouver, BC, Canada), the MontrĂ©al Organ Academy (MontrĂ©al, Quebec, Canada), the New England Conservatory Chamber Music Program (Boston, MA) and the Indiana University Chamber Music Camp (Bloomington, IN). She has had the good fortune to work with Allen Rogers (vocal), Sanford Sylvan (vocal), Robert Honeysucker (vocal), Menahem Pressler (instrumental) and Eugene Lehman (instrumental), among others. Gail is fluent in Spanish and French and has good working knowledge of Italian, German, Latin, IPA and Hungarian.  She is experienced with all sizes of ensembles, from duos to choral and orchestral keyboard collaboration.  Gail is very skilled at creating orchestral reductions and making cuts in scores to create idiomatic and musical renderings that are true to the piece.

Gail provides coaching both for vocalists and instrumentalists, including chamber ensembles. Her fee for a 1-hour coaching is $70.